The Music World Pays Tribute To Lou Reed In Concert

After word spread Sunday of Lou Reed’s death, the grieving music world at large reacted instantly, with heartfelt tributes pouring in from shows around the globe. To say that Lou changed the course of Rock n Roll is an understatement, to say that basically every “relevant” rock band of the last 40 years was affected by both Reed’s amazing work with The Velvet Underground and his more divisive solo career is not.

We’ve done some digging and assembled a few of the best available live tributes thus far for your enjoyment, check it out below:

Bridge School Benefit tribute featuring My Morning Jacket, Neil Young, Elvis Costello, Jenny Lewis and more doing “Oh! Sweet Nuthin'”

The Killers – “Pale Blue Eyes”:

Pearl Jam – “I’m Waiting For The Man”:

Government Mule – “Walk On The Wild Side”, “Sweet Jane” and “I’m Waiting For The Man”:

Artic Monkeys – “Walk On The Wild Side”:

Nick Cave’s tribute:

of Montreal – “I’m Waiting For The Man”:

The Black Crowes – “Oh! Sweet Nuthin'”:


Arcade Fire also recently appeared on NPR’s “First Listen” to promote their new record Reflektor and honored Reed by bookending their performance of album track “Supersymmetry” with Reed solo classics “Perfect Day” and “Satellite Of Love”. Click here to listen the performance by scrolling to the 17:20 mark.

RIP Lou.