Monty Python Is Awesome!

You know who you are. You chuckle when someone uses the word shrubbery in a serious conversation. When you get injured, you assure everyone that it’s, “Only a flesh wound!” And cute little bunnies can only remind you of one thing.

Every Monty Python fan has a collection of favorite catchphrases that are thrown into conversation at any opportunity. When one meets a fellow fan the only thing to do is quote your favourite scene, and you can both share a hearty laugh. It’s a level of understanding that is incomprehensible to non-Monty Python fans. It’s an easy way to weed out potential bad dates, find new friends, and establish instant rapport with someone.

Now, this whole process is made so much easier thanks to the genius designs of Very Silly Prints, an awesome Kickstarter that you can be part of right now!

monty python kickstarter

We asked Mike, creator of Very Silly Prints, about his brilliantly silly idea!

Everyone who watches Monty Python will be able to recall at least one of hundreds of memorable quotes. How difficult was it to decide the first quotes to use?

It was quite difficult actually! It was obvious to pick from Monty Python and the Holy Grail but, for a lot of Python fans, the funniest stuff doesn’t necessarily come from that movie. I had a list of over 100 scenes that I picked and passed around to everyone I knew that was a fan to see what their thoughts were. It was a long process of elimination, but it was fascinating to see what others thought were the “big moments”!  It would be great to see the Kickstarter get passed some of the stretch goals because their are some scenes designed that I’m really excited about!

Monty Python is almost universally loved, and yet nobody has done a collection of items on such a massive scale. How much work did it take to get each design right and put it all together?

It took much longer then I expected! When something is your own personal project you over-think and over-analyze everything. After about 5 months of getting everything together, I considered it complete. Every week, things were getting designed and then redesigned over and over till they looked correct. I enjoyed it though! I also found out that my home computer desk and chair are not adequate for those kind of long hours of use. <laughs>

Posters Monty Python

You have owned a design and print shop for over four years, so you and your team really know how to produce prints and t-shirts. But what made you choose Monty Python as your big personal project?

I have been a fan of Python for almost 20 years.  My personal friends and my teammates at work are all Python fans so there isn’t a week that goes by where we aren’t acting, quoting or using Python-esque humor.  It can get quite humorous at work but it makes the time go by and it keeps you in good spirits to act a bit silly sometimes!  Kickstarter is used by a lot of the newer generations and I think it would be fantastic if newer generations became acquainted or reacquainted with Monty Python. Hopefully this very silly project does just that.

The project is offering cool perks including t-shirts, prints, hoodies, and even the option to choose your own quote for production! I know exactly what I’m getting a few friends for Christmas, and it’s not a Holy Hand Grenade.

Please go to the Kickstarter right away so you don’t miss out on the good perks, and don’t forget to Like them on Facebook.